When setting up mailboxes for your domain, it's crucial to implement best practices for spam filtering to ensure the security and efficiency of your email communication. This guide will walk you through the process using Directadmin and Roundcube, focusing on strategies to minimize spam and protect your inbox.

Accessing Your Email Accounts in Directadmin

  • Log in to your Directadmin control panel.
  • Navigate to the 'E-mail Accounts' section under the 'E-mail Management' category.
  • Here, you can create new email accounts or manage existing ones for your domain.

Creating Strong Passwords

Use complex passwords for your email accounts. Strong passwords are crucial in preventing unauthorized access. A good password should include a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Enabling Spam Filters in Directadmin

  • In Directadmin, go to the 'SpamAssassin' option under 'Extra Features'.
  • Enable SpamAssassin to filter out unwanted emails.
  • Adjust the spam filter settings according to your preference, setting the required score for emails to be marked as spam.

Configuring Roundcube Filters

  • Access your Roundcube webmail interface.
  • Navigate to 'Settings' and then 'Filters'.
  • Create filters to automatically move suspected spam to a designated folder.

Regularly Updating Filters

Spammers constantly evolve their tactics, so it's important to regularly update your spam filters. Check your spam filter settings in both Directadmin and Roundcube periodically and adjust as needed.

Training Your Spam Filter

Regularly check your spam folder. Mark any legitimate emails caught by the filter as 'Not Spam' to train the filter. Similarly, mark any spam that lands in your inbox as 'Spam' to improve accuracy.


By following these best practices using Directadmin and Roundcube for email management, you can significantly reduce the amount of spam in your mailboxes. Remember to regularly update and train your spam filters for the best results. Effective email management is a continuous process, but these steps will help in maintaining a clean and secure inbox.

Tip: Avoid opening emails from unknown senders and never click on suspicious links, as these can compromise your email security.

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