Maintaining a friendly and fair environment on your BeamNG Drive (BeamMP) server is essential for a good multiplayer experience. Sometimes, this may require you to kick or ban players who are not adhering to the server rules. Here’s how to manage player behavior on your server.

Kicking Players

  • Access your server console. This can be done through the game panel console.

  • Identify the player you wish to kick. You will need their username or a unique identifier used by the server.

  • Use the kick command followed by the player's username or identifier. The command format generally looks like:

    kick [username]
  • The player will be immediately removed from the server.

Banning Players

  • To ban a player, access the server console as you would for kicking a player.

  • Use the ban command along with the player's username or identifier. The command might be:

    ban [username]
  • This will prevent the player from joining your server in the future.

  • For some server setups, you might need to edit a 'ban list' file manually to add or remove players.

Managing Bans

  • Keep track of banned players, especially if you need to unban them in the future.

  • To unban a player, you will typically remove their name from the ban list or use an unban command in the server console.

Best Practices

  • Clearly communicate your server rules to all players to prevent misunderstandings.

  • Consider issuing warnings before proceeding with kicks or bans.

  • Keep a log of incidents that led to players being kicked or banned for future reference.


Effectively managing player behavior is crucial for a successful BeamNG Drive (BeamMP) server. Kicking and banning players should be done judiciously to maintain a positive community atmosphere. Remember to be fair and transparent in your moderation practices.

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