Ever wonderd how to install discord.js yourself? it isn’t that hard! I will explain the steps down below!

1, Check under Configuration if your Startup Parameters are still on ‘bash’.
2, Start your server
3, Go to your console and type ‘npm init -y’ at the right of the ‘$’.
4, Wait till the prompt ends.
5, After that do ‘npm i discord.js’ in your console. (You can install other packages the same way!)
6, After the prompt ended, Stop / Kill the server.
7, Go back to your Startup Parameters, Make them ‘node {index.js/bot.js}’ or your own main file.
8, Now you can add your bots source, you can do this with SFTP or the online file manager.
9, You can change the name of your server now.
10, You are done! You did it! Start your server, and see your bot shine.


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