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How can I create a backup of my website?   You can easily backup your hosting package via Plesk. Read below how to do this and what... How can I enable an SSL certificate? We do not automatically enable an SSL certificate once it has been delivered. It is possible that... How can I forward my emails?   Go to  Mail  >  email address  > Forwarding tab  . Select the  Enable Email... How can I install a lets's encrypt SSL certificate?   You need an SSL certificate if you want to make your website accessible via HTTPS. If... How can I manage my website?   If you want to change your domain settings, you can do that by logging into My Cubes... How can I protect folders within my webhosting package?   If you have folders in a site that should only be seen by authorized users, restrict... How can I setup an email autoresponder?   To set the auto-reply email settings: Go to Mail > email address > Auto Reply... How can I transfer my email from another provider?   If you move to us, you can bring standing email with your old provider. You can copy... How can I view my website statistics in plesk?   You can view statistics via Plesk if you are curious how many visitors your website has,... How do I change the PHP version of my website?   Adjusting the PHP version on your domain is very easy. We recommend choosing the most... How do I create a database user?   If you want to create an extra database user, you can do this via the control panel of... How do I create a database?   You can create and manage databases via the control panel of your hosting package.... How do I set a DKIM Record for my email?   Nowadays, we see more and more cases of email spoofing, where a spam email is sent whose... How do I set up a Cron Job?   It is very easy to set up a cron job (scheduled task) in the Plesk control panel. Follow... How to change file permissions in plesk? You may need to adjust the read or write permissions of a folder or file. For example, on a... How to create an FTP Account?   You need an FTP account to log in to your web space. Don't you have these yet? Then... My website receives or sends a lot of spam, now what?   If your website has been misused for sending spam, this can have various causes. Below... Where can I find the password of my email account?   If you have lost the password of your email account, you can set a new one yourself by...
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