🐘 PHP 8.1 & advanced settings are now available on our webhosting packages!

Last updated 18-05-2023 11:45 (dd-mm-yyyy).

For this promotion, the terms and conditions and privacy policy remain in force. These special conditions serve as a supplement & amendment to existing documents. By using our promotion you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

This promotion runs from 18-05-2022 to 31-05-2023. No rights can be derived from this promotion outside this period.

  • Cubes Hosting reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions during the promotion;
  • The promotion is only valid on specific deal packages purchased through the webhosting page;
  • The promotion is only valid for packages with a duration of 1 year;
  • The promotional price is calculated the package price + the local VAT rate;
  • The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts;
  • The promotional price is valid only for the first term of 1 (one) year;
  • The desired domain name must be available on our website;
  • A maximum of 1 package can be purchased per customer;
  • Promotion is valid for both new and existing cubes hosting customers;

Refund Policy

You can request a refund within the specified period according to our Refund Policy. However, refunds are not available for domain purchases due to the involvement of an external party. For .nl domains, we charge €4.50 EUR + €3.50 EUR as administrative fees. As a result, your refund may be lower or you may need to pay additional fees. You can only request a refund through a support ticket. Once requested, you will receive a refund within 14 business days.