If you encounter a MissingModsException on your server, it means that there are discrepancies between the mods on the server and the client. This guide will help you synchronize them.

1. Identify the Missing Mods

The error message should list the mods that are missing. Take note of these mods as you will need to ensure they are present on both the server and client.

2. Update the Server Mods

Access your server files (via FTP or your server's control panel) and ensure that all the mods listed in the error message are present in the server's mods folder.

3. Update the Client Mods

Ensure that your game client has the same mods as the server. This usually involves adding the missing mods into your client's mods folder.

4. Verify Mod Versions

Check that the versions of the mods on both the server and client match. Mismatched versions can also cause the MissingModsException.

5. Restart Server and Client

After updating the mods and verifying their versions, restart both the server and the game client to apply the changes.

If the issue persists after ensuring that all mods are present and match between the server and client, consider checking for compatibility issues or seeking support from the mod developers.

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