Integrating Simple Voice Chat into your Minecraft server can enhance the gaming experience by enabling voice communication. This guide uses the Game Panel for installation and setup.

1. Confirm Your Server Runs on Forge or Fabric

Simple Voice Chat requires your server to run on Forge or Fabric. Verify this on your server setup in the Game Panel. If necessary, switch your server to one of these mod loaders.

2. Download the Simple Voice Chat Mod

Obtain the Simple Voice Chat mod from a trusted source, ensuring compatibility with the version of Minecraft and mod loader (Forge or Fabric) on your server.

3. Install the Mod through Game Panel

Access your server files via the Game Panel. Navigate to the mods folder and upload the Simple Voice Chat mod file there. This is usually done using the built-in file manager in the Game Panel.

4. Client Installation

Players will also need to install Simple Voice Chat on their Minecraft clients. Provide them with the mod file or direct them to the download link.

5. Mod Configuration

Configure the mod settings for your server, if necessary. The configuration file is typically located in the config folder, accessible through the Game Panel's file manager.

6. Restart the Server

After installation and configuration, restart your Minecraft server through the Game Panel to apply the changes.

7. Test the Setup

Log into your server and test the voice chat functionality. Ensure other players have installed and configured the mod correctly in their clients.

Note: In-game settings for Simple Voice Chat can be adjusted for optimal performance and user experience.

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