Dynmap is a powerful tool for rendering a live map of your Minecraft server. To ensure optimal performance, it's recommended to have a server plan with at least 4GB of RAM. Follow these steps to set up Dynmap:

1. Ensure Server Requirements

Verify that your server has at least 4GB of RAM. Dynmap can be resource-intensive, especially on larger servers. Request an additional port from our support team you will need this to setup dymap.

2. Download Dynmap Plugin

Download the Dynmap plugin compatible with your server's version of Minecraft from a trusted source.

3. Install Dynmap Plugin via Game Panel

Access your server through the Game Panel. Navigate to the plugins directory and upload the downloaded Dynmap plugin file.

4. Configure Dynmap

After installation, configure Dynmap to suit your server's needs. Configuration files can be found in the plugins/dynmap folder. Configure the port to the one you received from support. Adjust settings like map rendering, player display, and performance options.

5. Start or Restart Your Server

Once Dynmap is installed and configured, start or restart your server for the changes to take effect.

6. Access the Dynmap Web Map

After the server restarts, Dynmap will begin rendering your world map. Access the live map through your web browser using your server's IP and the Dynmap port, typically http://[ServerIP]:<port>.

7. Monitor Server Performance

Monitor your server's performance after installing Dynmap, especially if you're close to the minimum RAM requirement. Adjust settings or increase server resources as needed.

Note: Dynmap's initial rendering can be resource-intensive. Consider running a full render during off-peak hours to minimize impact on server performance also consider disabling 

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