How to Install and Use WorldEdit on Your Minecraft Server

WorldEdit is a versatile and powerful tool that facilitates large scale editing in Minecraft. This guide will walk you through the installation and basic use of WorldEdit on your server.

1. Download WorldEdit

Download the latest version of WorldEdit compatible with your server’s Minecraft version. Ensure you get the plugin from a trusted source.

2. Install WorldEdit via Game Panel

Access your server files through the Game Panel. Navigate to the plugins folder and upload the WorldEdit file there.

3. Restart Your Server

After uploading WorldEdit to your server, restart the server to activate the plugin.

4. Verify Installation

Once your server restarts, log in and type /worldedit version to ensure WorldEdit is properly installed and active.

5. Granting Permissions

To use WorldEdit commands, you need to be a server operator or have the necessary permissions. If you’re using a permissions plugin like LuckPerms, configure it to grant WorldEdit permissions to the desired players.

Using basic WorldEdit

Start using WorldEdit commands to edit your world. Familiarize yourself with commands like //set, //copy, //paste, and more to start shaping your world.

Importing and Using Schematics

Schematics allow you to save a section of your world to a file on your computer, which you can then share online. Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a region and use the //copy command to select the area you want to save.
  2. Enter //schematic save <name of schematic> to save the selected area as a schematic.
  3. If you ever need your schematic in the future, you can access it in your server’s FTP files under /plugins/worldedit/schematic, or for modded servers, in /config/worldedit/schematics.
  4. Alternatively, you can upload new schematics that you’ve made in other worlds into those folders as well.

Note: WorldEdit can make significant changes to your world. It is advisable to back up your world before performing large-scale edits.

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