Holograms, or floating text, have become essential in marking locations, providing directions, or displaying information on Spigot/Bukkit Minecraft servers. Holographic Displays is a popular plugin for this purpose. This guide will help you install and use it on your server managed with a game panel.

Installing Holographic Displays

  • Verify your server runs Spigot, Bukkit, or Paper, which support Bukkit plugins.

  • Download the Holographic Displays plugin from a trusted source.

  • Log into your game panel, select your server, and stop it for installation.

  • In the game panel's 'File Management' section, navigate to the /plugins directory and upload the HolographicDisplays.jar file.

  • Restart your server after the upload is complete.

Creating Your First Hologram

  • Ensure the plugin is active after the server restart.

  • In-game, position yourself and use /hd create (name) to create a hologram.

  • Edit the hologram with /hd edit (name), set a specific line with /hd setline (name) (line) (text), or add more lines with /hd addline (name) (text).

Configuring Holographic Displays

  • Stop your server from the game panel and go to /plugins/HolographicDisplays in 'File Management'.

  • Edit the config.yml file to change settings like text line spacing, following the guidelines from the Holographic Displays wiki.

  • Save your changes and restart the server to apply them.


Holographic Displays can significantly enhance your Minecraft server. These steps will guide you through installation and configuration using your game panel. For advanced features and support, consult the official documentation or community forums.

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