Importing a world into your Minecraft server using Multiverse-Core can expand your server's playability. This guide provides a straightforward method to import a world using the Multiverse-Core plugin.


  • Ensure your server is running a plugin-compatible server type like Spigot or Bukkit.

  • Install the Multiverse-Core plugin on your server.

Importing Your World

  • Upload the world folder to your server. Use the game panel's 'File Management' to upload the entire world folder to the root directory of your server.

  • In-game, or via the server console, use the command /mv import [worldname] [worldtype]. Replace [worldname] with the name of your world folder and [worldtype] with the type of world (NORMAL, NETHER, or THE_END).

  • Confirm the world has been imported successfully. You can use /mv list to see a list of all worlds currently loaded on the server.

Post-Import Configuration

  • To set properties for the imported world, use /mv modify followed by the specific property commands. This can include setting game modes, spawn locations, and more.

  • Consult the Multiverse-Core documentation for detailed command and configuration options.


Importing worlds with Multiverse-Core allows for greater diversity and excitement on your Minecraft server. With these steps, you can easily import and configure additional worlds, providing a richer experience for your players. For any further customization, refer to the Multiverse-Core documentation or seek assistance from the Minecraft server community.

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