Setting up Votifier on your Minecraft server enables players to vote for your server on various server lists, increasing its visibility and popularity. This guide outlines the steps to configure Votifier.

Initial Steps

  • Ensure your Minecraft server is running a plugin-compatible version like Spigot or Bukkit.

  • Download the Votifier plugin from a trusted source.

Installing Votifier

  • Use your game panel to stop your server.

  • Upload the Votifier plugin JAR file to the /plugins directory of your server using the panel's file manager.

  • Restart your server to load the plugin.

Configuring Votifier

  • Stop your server again to edit the configuration files.

  • Navigate to the /plugins/Votifier directory and edit the config.yml file.

  • Set up the listener settings, including the port and RSA key.

  • Note: You will need to request an additional port for Votifier through our support system. This is crucial for the plugin to receive votes.

  • Save your changes and restart the server.

Testing Votifier

  • Ensure Votifier is properly set up by testing with a Minecraft server list that supports Votifier.

  • Look for any errors in the console and confirm that votes are being received.


Votifier is a powerful tool for increasing the popularity of your Minecraft server. Proper configuration, including requesting an additional port, is essential for its functionality. For further customization and troubleshooting, consult the Votifier documentation or seek support from your hosting provider or the Minecraft community.

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