BungeeCord is a significant tool in the Minecraft server management realm, but it's often misunderstood. This article aims to clarify what BungeeCord is and how it operates.

What is BungeeCord?

BungeeCord is not a plugin, but rather a powerful proxy server tool that allows multiple Minecraft servers to connect and work together as one large network. It enables players to switch between different servers within the same network without logging out. BungeeCord acts as a gateway for players to access various servers, making it an ideal solution for large server networks.

BungeeCord Server Requirements

To efficiently run BungeeCord, a minimum of three servers is required. This setup typically includes one BungeeCord proxy server and at least two Minecraft servers (also known as sub-servers or node servers) that players can join. The proxy server acts as a controller, managing player connections and data flow between the connected Minecraft servers.

Key Features of BungeeCord

  • Centralized Network Management: BungeeCord unifies multiple servers into a single network, offering centralized management and control.

  • Seamless Server Switching: Players can switch between different servers in the network without disconnecting, providing a smooth gaming experience.

  • Enhanced Performance: By distributing the load across multiple servers, BungeeCord can improve overall performance and reduce lag.

  • Scalability: BungeeCord makes it easier to scale up your Minecraft network by simply adding more servers.


BungeeCord is an essential tool for those looking to expand their Minecraft server beyond a single instance. It requires careful planning, as a minimum of three servers is needed to operate effectively. Understanding its functionality and requirements is the first step in leveraging its power to create a seamless and expansive Minecraft server network.

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