In a BungeeCord network, understanding IP forwarding is crucial for server management and security. This guide explains what IP forwarding is in the context of BungeeCord and why it's important.

What is IP Forwarding in BungeeCord?

By default, Minecraft servers connected under BungeeCord do not display the actual IP of the player. Instead, they show the IP of the BungeeCord server. This is because BungeeCord acts as a proxy, sitting between the player and the connected server.

The Need for IP Forwarding

To enable the Minecraft servers in the network to correctly identify the player's real IP address, IP forwarding needs to be enabled in BungeeCord. This setting allows the actual player IP addresses to be forwarded to the connected servers, rather than the BungeeCord server's IP.

Enabling IP Forwarding

  • Edit the config.yml file of BungeeCord and set ip_forward: true to enable IP forwarding.

  • Ensure that the connected Minecraft servers are also configured to support IP forwarding. This often involves editing each server's and spigot.yml (or similar configuration files).

Benefits of IP Forwarding

  • Accurate Player Identification: Servers will have the correct IP information for each player, which is essential for security and management.

  • Improved Compatibility: Certain plugins and features that rely on player IP information will function correctly.


Enabling IP forwarding in a BungeeCord setup is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity and functionality of your Minecraft server network. It ensures that connected servers can accurately identify and interact with players based on their actual IP addresses.

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