For Minecraft server owners running their servers in offline mode, maintaining player skins can be a challenge. SkinsRestorer is a popular solution that allows players to retain their custom skins even on offline servers. This guide covers how to set up and use SkinsRestorer on your server.

What is SkinsRestorer?

SkinsRestorer is a plugin designed to restore and manage player skins on Minecraft servers, especially those running in offline mode. It enables players to use their custom skins, enhancing the game experience even without an authenticated connection to Minecraft's servers.

Setting Up SkinsRestorer

  • Ensure your server is running a plugin-compatible version like Spigot or Bukkit.

  • Download the SkinsRestorer plugin from a trusted source.

  • Upload the SkinsRestorer plugin JAR file to your server's /plugins directory.

  • Restart your server to load the plugin.

Configuring SkinsRestorer

  • After restarting, access the SkinsRestorer config.yml file in the /plugins/SkinsRestorer directory.

  • Configure the settings as per your requirements. Detailed documentation can be found on the SkinsRestorer wiki or official website.

  • Save the changes and restart the server for the configuration to take effect.

Using SkinsRestorer on Your Server

  • Players can change their skins using commands provided by SkinsRestorer. The typical command is /skin set [username].

  • To revert to the default skin, players can use /skin clear.

  • Ensure players are aware of how to use these commands to set or change their skins.


With SkinsRestorer, server owners running offline mode servers can provide their players with the ability to use custom skins, greatly enhancing the gameplay experience. Proper setup and configuration are key to utilizing the full potential of this plugin.

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