Regular restarts are crucial for maintaining the performance and stability of a Minecraft server. This article will discuss the importance of server restarts, the recommended frequency for doing so, and the risks associated with using the /reload command on production servers.

Why Restart Your Minecraft Server?

Restarting a Minecraft server helps to clear memory leaks, refresh resources, and ensure smoother gameplay. It is an effective practice to maintain optimal server performance and prevent crashes or lag.

Recommended Restart Frequencies

  • Small to Medium Servers: A daily restart is usually sufficient for most small to medium-sized servers.

  • Large Servers or Servers with Heavy Mod/Plugin Usage: More frequent restarts, possibly every 12 hours, can be beneficial to manage higher loads.

  • During Active Development: Servers undergoing active development may require more frequent restarts for updates and troubleshooting.

Warning Against the Use of /reload

It's important to note that using the /reload command on production servers is not recommended. This command can cause memory leaks and RAM issues, leading to potential performance degradation. For applying changes, it's better to fully restart the server rather than use /reload.

Automating Server Restarts

Automating restarts ensures consistency and reduces manual oversight. Server control panels often provide scheduling tools for this purpose, allowing specific times to be set for daily or twice-daily restarts based on server needs.


Regularly restarting your Minecraft server is vital for its health and performance. The frequency of restarts varies based on the server's size, load, and modifications. Implementing an automated restart schedule is an effective way to manage this aspect of server maintenance. Remember to avoid using /reload on production servers to prevent memory and resource issues.

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