The 'Bleeding Pipe' vulnerability is a significant security concern for the Minecraft community, particularly for servers and clients running Forge with certain mods. This article provides guidance on safeguarding your Minecraft environment against this exploit.

Understanding the 'Bleeding Pipe' Vulnerability

'Bleeding Pipe' is an exploit malware identified in July 2023, affecting popular Minecraft mods. It exploits unsafe deserialization code in mods, granting malware full remote code execution capabilities on clients and servers.

Securing Your Minecraft with serializationisbad

The 'serializationisbad' patcher has been released to address this vulnerability. It can be installed on both the client and server sides to provide comprehensive protection.

  • Installing 'serializationisbad' on the client side protects players from the vulnerability on any server they join.
  • Server-side installation of the patcher ensures that all players connecting to your server are protected.

Installation Guide for serializationisbad

  • Download the 'serializationisbad' patcher from a trusted source like GitHub.

  • For client-side installation, add the patcher to your Minecraft client's mods folder.

  • For server-side installation, place the patcher in the server's mods directory.

  • Restart your client or server for the patcher to take effect.

Concerns and Support

If you're using a Cubes Hosting customer and have concerns or suspect your server might be infected, contact our support for a server scan to ensure security.


Protecting your modded Minecraft client or server against the 'Bleeding Pipe' vulnerability is crucial for a safe gaming experience. By installing the 'serializationisbad' patcher, you can secure your Minecraft environment and enjoy peace of mind.

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