For enhanced security, Directadmin allows you to set up an IP whitelist and create a protected directory. An IP whitelist restricts access to certain parts of your site to specified IP addresses, while a protected directory requires a username and password for access. This guide will walk you through both processes.

Setting Up an IP Whitelist in Directadmin

  • Log in to your Directadmin control panel.
  • Navigate to 'Security' and select 'IP Manager'.
  • In the 'IP Manager', you can add the IP addresses that you want to whitelist. Only these IPs will be allowed access to the specified areas.
  • Specify the directories or services you want to restrict access to, and apply the whitelist.

Note: Be cautious when using IP whitelisting, as it can lock you out of your own website if your IP changes or you access from a different location.

Creating a Protected Directory in Directadmin

  • Again, log in to your Directadmin panel.
  • Go to 'System Info & Files' and select 'File Manager'.
  • Navigate to the directory you want to protect.
  • Click on the directory to open it, then find and click on the option for 'Password Protected Directories'.
  • Create a username and password for the directory. Anyone trying to access this directory will need to enter these credentials.

This method is useful for protecting sensitive areas of your website, like admin panels or confidential data.


Setting up an IP whitelist and protected directories are important security measures in Directadmin. They help in safeguarding your website by controlling access based on IP addresses and requiring authentication for specific directories. Ensure to regularly update and manage your IP whitelist and protected directory credentials for maintaining robust security.

Tip: Always keep a backup of your IP whitelist and regularly update the protected directory's credentials to prevent unauthorized access.

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