Creating RSA keys is essential for secure server management. This guide will walk you through generating RSA keys on MacOS, Linux, and Windows, and then adding them to Virtualizor.

Generating RSA Keys


  • Open the Terminal application.
  • Type ssh-keygen -t rsa and follow the prompts.
  • Your keys will be saved in ~/.ssh/.


  • Open a terminal window.
  • Run ssh-keygen -t rsa and follow the instructions.
  • Find your keys in ~/.ssh/.


  • Install and open PuTTYgen.
  • Click 'Generate' and save the generated keys.
  • Copy the public key for later use.

Adding Your Public Key to Virtualizor

  • Log in to your Virtualizor Admin Panel.
  • Navigate to the 'SSH Keys' section under the 'Security' tab.
  • Click 'Add SSH Key'.
  • Enter a name for your key in the 'Name' field for easy identification.
  • Paste your public key into the 'Public Key' field.
  • Click 'Add Key' to save the SSH key.
  • Restart your VPS service for changes to take effect.


By adding your RSA keys to Virtualizor, you enhance the security and efficiency of server access. Ensure your private key is kept secure and consider regular key updates for optimal security.

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