Installing MariaDB on Ubuntu involves a few straightforward steps. Adhering to security best practices is crucial to ensure your database is secure and reliable. This guide will cover the installation and basic security configurations.

Install MariaDB

  • Update your package list: sudo apt update

  • Install MariaDB: sudo apt install mariadb-server

  • Once installed, start the MariaDB service: sudo systemctl start mariadb

  • Enable MariaDB to start on boot: sudo systemctl enable mariadb

Secure MariaDB Installation

  • Run the security script: sudo mysql_secure_installation

  • Set a strong root password when prompted.

  • Answer 'Y' to all subsequent prompts to remove anonymous users, disallow root login remotely, and remove the test database.

Additional Security Practices

  • Create dedicated user accounts for accessing databases, rather than using the root account.

  • Regularly update MariaDB to the latest version for security patches.

  • Consider configuring firewalls to restrict access to the database server.

  • Regularly backup your databases to prevent data loss.


By following these steps and adhering to security best practices, you can set up a secure and efficient MariaDB server on Ubuntu. Regular maintenance and cautious configuration management are key to maintaining a secure database environment.

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