In Virtualizor, roles allow you to define permissions for different types of users. Configuring and assigning roles is crucial for managing access and capabilities within the platform. This guide outlines the steps to create roles and assign them to users.

Creating Roles in Virtualizor

  • Log in to your Virtualizor Admin Panel.

  • Navigate to the 'Roles' or 'Access Control' section in the dashboard.

  • Click on 'Create Role' or 'Add Role' to start defining a new role.

  • Name the role and provide a description for clarity.

  • Set the permissions for the role by selecting the appropriate actions and resources the role should have access to. These might include permissions for managing VPS, accessing billing information, or modifying settings.

  • Save the new role once you have configured the permissions.

Assigning Roles to Users

  • Go back to the 'Users' section in your Virtualizor Admin Panel.

  • Find the user to whom you want to assign the role and click on 'Edit' or 'Modify' next to their account.

  • In the user's settings, locate the 'Role' dropdown or section.

  • Select the role you created from the dropdown list.

  • Save the changes to apply the new role to the user.

Managing and Updating Roles

  • Roles can be modified or deleted as needed by returning to the 'Roles' section.

  • Keep roles updated to reflect any changes in your organization or server management policies.


Configuring and assigning roles in Virtualizor is a key aspect of managing user access and permissions. It helps in maintaining a secure and organized server environment. Regularly review and update roles and user assignments to ensure they align with current operational needs and security standards.

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