APT (Advanced Package Tool) is the default package manager for Ubuntu. It simplifies the process of managing software by automating the retrieval, configuration, and installation of software packages. Here's how to use APT for installing, updating, and deleting software on Ubuntu.

Installing Software with APT

  • Update the package list to ensure you have the latest information about available packages:

    sudo apt update
  • Install a software package using:

    sudo apt install [package-name]

    Replace '[package-name]' with the name of the software you want to install.

Updating Software with APT

  • Regularly update all your software to the latest versions for security and functionality. Begin with updating the package list:

    sudo apt update
  • Upgrade the installed packages with:

    sudo apt upgrade

Deleting Software with APT

  • To remove a software package, use:

    sudo apt remove [package-name]

    This command removes the package but retains configuration files and certain data.

  • For a complete removal, including configuration files and data associated with the package, use:

    sudo apt purge [package-name]

Cleaning Up

  • After uninstalling software, you might have unnecessary packages or dependencies. Clean them up with:

    sudo apt autoremove


Using APT for installing, updating, and deleting software on Ubuntu is efficient and straightforward. Regularly updating your software ensures your system is secure and running smoothly. Remember to clean up unnecessary packages after removals to keep your system tidy.

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