At Cubes Hosting, we dedicate our resources to providing comprehensive and reliable support articles, primarily focusing on Ubuntu. This strategic choice is rooted in the long-standing stability and widespread adoption of Debian-based operating systems, particularly Ubuntu's LTS (Long Term Support) and latest releases.

Debian-Based Systems: A Legacy of Stability

  • Debian, the foundation for Ubuntu, has been celebrated for its robustness and reliability. As one of the oldest and most stable operating systems, Debian's architecture offers a secure and well-tested base.

  • Ubuntu inherits these qualities, making it a preferred choice for servers and personal use, especially for those who prioritize system stability and security.

Ubuntu LTS: The Epitome of Reliability

  • Ubuntu LTS versions are released every two years and are supported for five years, providing long-term stability and support.

  • LTS versions are ideal for businesses and users who need a reliable platform with extended support, minimizing the risks associated with frequent system changes.

Latest Ubuntu Versions: Staying Current

  • For users and developers who prefer the latest features and innovations, we also cover the most recent Ubuntu releases.

  • These versions introduce new technologies and improvements, making them suitable for environments where cutting-edge features are required.

Our Recommendation: Ubuntu for Optimal Experience

  • We recommend using LTS versions of Ubuntu for most users, especially in production environments where stability and long-term support are paramount.

  • For those who need or prefer the latest software, the most recent version of Ubuntu provides an up-to-date, but still stable experience.


Our focus on Ubuntu in our support articles stems from its robustness, security, and popularity, inherited from its Debian base. Whether opting for the long-term stability of LTS releases or the latest features of the most recent versions, Ubuntu provides a reliable and efficient platform for a wide range of users. At Cubes Hosting, we are committed to supporting our users with detailed, up-to-date, and relevant information tailored to Ubuntu's diverse offerings.

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