Running a private BeamNG Drive (BeamMP) server can be ideal for hosting exclusive sessions with friends or for specific communities. Using the Game Panel, you can easily configure your server to be private. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Access Your Server on Game Panel

  • Login to your Game Panel dashboard.

  • Choose your (BeamMP) server from the list.

Step 2: Locate the Server Configuration File

  • In the Game Panel, navigate to the 'File Management' section of your server.

  • Find the server configuration file, typically named 'ServerConfig.toml', 'settings.json', or something similar.

Step 3: Edit the Configuration File

  • Open the configuration file in the file editor provided in the Game Panel.

  • Look for the setting that controls server visibility or privacy. This might be labeled as isPrivate, privateServer, or a similar term.

  • Change the value of this setting to enable private mode. This is usually done by setting the value to true or 1, like so:

    isPrivate = true
  • Save the changes to the configuration file.

Step 4: Restart Your Server

  • After updating the configuration, return to the main server page on the Game Panel.

  • Restart your server to apply the changes. Use the server control buttons in the Game Panel for this action.

Additional Privacy Settings

  • If your server requires a password, add or update the password setting in the same configuration file.


Setting your BeamNG Drive (BeamMP) server to private helps create a controlled and exclusive environment for your players. Through the Game Panel, managing this setting is simple and effective. Always ensure that your players are informed of the privacy status and any passwords needed to join the server.

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