Ticking entity errors in Minecraft can be a significant hurdle for players and server administrators. These errors, often related to 'Ticking Block' and 'Ticking World' issues, can cause crashes and gameplay disruptions. This guide provides solutions for resolving these errors in different Minecraft environments, including Forge, CoFH Core, and Vanilla Minecraft.

'Ticking Block' and 'Ticking World' Errors

'Ticking Block' and 'Ticking World' errors occur when there's a problem with a block or entity during the game's update cycle. These errors can be caused by mod conflicts, corrupted game data, or other issues affecting the game's normal ticking process.

Fixing Ticking Entity Errors in Forge

In modded Minecraft environments using Forge, ticking entity errors can often be traced back to specific mods. To fix these errors, identify the problematic mod(s) through the crash report and consider updating, removing, or replacing them. It’s also advisable to update Forge to the latest version to ensure compatibility and stability.

Resolving Issues with CoFH Core

CoFH Core, a mod used in many modpacks, can sometimes cause ticking entity errors. Updating CoFH Core and related mods can resolve these issues. Additionally, check for any known conflicts between CoFH Core and other mods in your setup.

Troubleshooting in Vanilla Minecraft

In Vanilla Minecraft, ticking entity errors can be due to corrupted game data or issues with the world itself. Resetting the affected chunks or using Minecraft's built-in repair tools can help. Ensure your game is updated to the latest version for fixes and stability improvements.

General Tips for All Environments

For all types of Minecraft environments, it's helpful to keep backups of your world data. Regularly updating your game and mods can prevent many common errors. When troubleshooting, always refer to crash reports for specific details about the errors.


Fixing ticking entity errors in Minecraft requires a bit of detective work to identify the root causes. Whether you're playing in a modded environment with Forge and CoFH Core or in Vanilla Minecraft, understanding how to interpret crash reports and knowing the common solutions can greatly assist in resolving these frustrating issues.

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