h1>How to Install and Configure ClearLag on Your Minecraft Server

ClearLag is a popular plugin for Minecraft servers that helps to reduce lag by clearing unnecessary entities and optimizing performance. This guide will provide you with the steps to install and configure ClearLag on your server.

Step 1: Download ClearLag

Start by downloading the ClearLag plugin from a reliable source, typically the official website or a trusted Minecraft plugin repository. Ensure the version of ClearLag is compatible with your server's version of Minecraft.

Step 2: Install the Plugin

After downloading, upload the ClearLag .jar file to your server's 'plugins' directory. If you're using a web-based server control panel, you can usually upload the file directly through the panel's file manager. If you're using an FTP client, connect to your server and navigate to the 'plugins' directory to upload the file.

Step 3: Restart Your Server

Once you've uploaded the ClearLag plugin, restart your Minecraft server. This action is necessary for the server to recognize and activate the new plugin.

Step 4: Configuring ClearLag

After the server restarts, ClearLag will create a configuration file (config.yml) in the 'plugins/ClearLag' folder. This file allows you to customize various aspects of the plugin, such as the frequency of entity clearing, messages displayed to players, and specific types of entities to remove or preserve.

Step 5: Editing Configuration Files

To edit the ClearLag configuration, access the 'config.yml' file either through your server's control panel file manager or via FTP. Adjust the settings to suit your server's needs. For example, you can set how often the plugin removes entities, customize warning messages, and specify entities exempt from removal.

Step 6: Apply the Configuration Changes

After making changes to the configuration file, save your edits and reload the plugin. You can reload ClearLag without restarting your server by using the command /lagg reload in the server console or in-game as an administrator.


If you encounter issues with ClearLag, ensure you're using the correct version for your server. Also, verify that there are no syntax errors in your configuration file. For further assistance, consult the ClearLag documentation or community forums.


Installing and configuring ClearLag can significantly improve your Minecraft server's performance by managing and reducing in-game lag. By customizing the plugin settings, you can maintain an optimal gameplay experience for all players on your server.

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