Minecraft Forge is a popular modding API that enables you to run mods on your Minecraft server, enhancing gameplay with new features and customizations. This guide will show you how to install Forge mods on your Minecraft server.

Step 1: Install Minecraft Forge Server Software

Your server must be running Minecraft Forge to use Forge mods. Download the Forge server installer for the version of Minecraft you want to play from the official Forge website. Run the installer and install the server files to an empty folder on your computer. Then, upload these files to your server's main directory.

Step 2: Run Forge on Your Server

After uploading, start your server using the Forge jar file. This will create the necessary files and folders, including a 'mods' folder, where you will place your mods.

Step 3: Select Forge Mods

Choose the mods you want to install on your server. Make sure they are compatible with the version of Forge and Minecraft you are using. Trusted sources for downloading mods include CurseForge and the Minecraft Forum.

Step 4: Download and Install Mods

Download the .jar files of the mods you've chosen. Upload these files to the 'mods' folder in your server's directory. If using a server hosting control panel, you can often do this through a web-based file manager or FTP client.

Step 5: Restart Your Server

Restart your server to initialize the new mods. Ensure the server fully starts up and check the server console for any errors or confirmation messages that the mods are loading.

Step 6: Verify Mods are Working

Once your server is back online, verify the mods are working correctly. Connect to your server and check for the mods' features or use in-game commands to list the active mods.

Step 7: Configure Your Mods (If Necessary)

Some mods come with configuration files that you can edit to customize the mod's features. These files are typically located in the 'config' folder in your server directory. Adjust the settings as needed and restart the server for changes to take effect.


If you encounter problems, ensure the mod versions match your Forge and Minecraft version. Check the server logs for error messages and consult the mod's documentation or support forums for help.


Installing Forge mods can transform your Minecraft server, offering new gameplay experiences and customizations. Following these steps will help you install and manage Forge mods effectively for the best possible gaming experience.

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