This article provides an overview of the compatibility issues between MySQL-Async and oxmysql when used in FiveM servers.


MySQL-Async and oxmysql are both resources designed for handling MySQL database connections in FiveM servers. However, they are not compatible with each other and should not be used simultaneously.

Differences and Compatibility

  • Different Implementations: MySQL-Async and oxmysql handle database interactions differently, leading to compatibility issues.
  • Export Functions: The export functions used in scripts for these two resources are not interchangeable.
  • Transition to oxmysql: There's a community shift towards oxmysql due to its performance benefits and modern patterns.
  • Updating Scripts: Transitioning from MySQL-Async to oxmysql requires updating scripts to the oxmysql API.
  • Choosing One: It is recommended to use either MySQL-Async or oxmysql, but not both, to avoid conflicts.


If compatibility issues arise due to the simultaneous use of MySQL-Async and oxmysql, it's essential to choose one resource and ensure all scripts are compatible with it.

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