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VPS & Five Reborn - Price increase

  • Friday, 28th October, 2022
  • 11:00am

Dear Customers,


This is a sad day for the internet. RIPE the authority that assigns ip ranges to service providers reported in late 2019 that there are no new ipv4 ranges available. As data centres are now forced to work with brokers to purchase existing ip4 from existing companies prices have gone through the roof.


Unfortunately, due to the worldwide ipv4 shortage, we are forced to increase our prices on our VPS and Five Reborn packages. This is not a decision that we could quickly make as Cubes Hosting aims to deliver the best price and quality to our customers.


Pricing will be increased starting from 20 November 2022, with 1,50 € per month per IP (ex. VAT) for all newly purchased VPS and Five Reborn services. 


To accommodate our customers, existing customers receive a discount:

  • From 20 November 2022, existing VPS and Five Reborn (GTA5) customers will be charged at 0,75 € per month per IP (ex. VAT).
  • From 01 March 2023, existing VPS and Five Reborn (GTA5) customers will be charged at 1,25 € per month per IP (ex. VAT).
  • From 01 October 2023, existing VPS and Five Reborn (GTA5) will be charged at 1,50 € per month per IP (ex. VAT).


All orders placed before 20 November 2022 will receive our discounted price make sure to purchase a plan before it is too late.


Each additional ip4 address (other than your primary) on your services will be charged at 2 € per month per IP (ex. VAT).


Starting from January 2023 you will be ably to purchase a VPS without any ip4 attached to it. We will accommodate you with a free ipv6 address or you can provide your own ipv4 range for a one-time fee of 25,00 € (ex. VAT) per ipv4 range to attach it to your service. We are still working out some of the details on how this is going to affect our Five Reborn (GTA5) customers as we are aware that not everyone is able to access the internet through ipv6 due to ISP limitations or older router hardware at this time. https://www.google.com/intl/nl/ipv6/statistics.html


We hope to have informed you sufficiently about these price changes with this article and an email. If you have any questions about this change, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.




Lars Speetjens

Director @ Speetjens Media (Cubes Hosting)

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