Modifying the game mode in Minecraft affects how players interact with the game world. This guide will explain how to change the game mode for everyone on your server via the game panel and how players can change their game mode using commands.

Changing Game Mode for the Entire Server via Game Panel

  • To change the game mode for all players on the server, access your server settings through the game panel.

  • Stop your server before making any changes to prevent issues.

  • Navigate to the 'File Management' section and locate the file.

  • Edit the file and find the line starting with gamemode=.

  • Change the value to your desired game mode (e.g., survival, creative, adventure, spectator).

  • Save the changes and restart your server for the new game mode to take effect.

Changing Game Mode Using Commands

  • Players with the required permissions can change their game mode using in-game commands.

  • Type /gamemode [mode] [player] in the chat, replacing [mode] with the desired game mode, and [player] with the player's username (if changing for another player).

Understanding Different Game Modes

  • Survival: Players must gather resources and manage health and hunger.

  • Creative: Players have unlimited resources, no health or hunger, and can fly.

  • Adventure: Players can interact but have limited block-breaking abilities.

  • Spectator: Players can observe without interacting with the game world.


Adjusting the game mode via the game panel is a straightforward process that can redefine the entire server's experience. Additionally, understanding how to change game modes using commands can further enhance the gameplay for individual players or groups on your server.

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