Maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment on your Minecraft server sometimes requires banning or unbanning players. This guide explains the processes for both actions.

Banning a Player

Banning a player prevents them from accessing your server. You can ban players either in-game or through the server console.

In-Game Banning

  • To ban a player in-game, use the command /ban [username] [reason], replacing [username] with the player's name and [reason] with the reason for the ban (optional).

Banning via Server Console

  • Access your server console through your server control panel.

  • Type the same command: ban [username] [reason].

Unbanning a Player

To unban a player, or remove them from the server's ban list, you'll use the pardon command.

Unbanning In-Game

  • Use the command /pardon [username] in-game to remove the player from the ban list.

Unbanning via Server Console

  • In your server console, enter the command pardon [username] to unban the player.


Banning and unbanning players are essential administrative functions for maintaining order and a positive environment on your Minecraft server. Whether performed in-game or through the server console, these actions help manage the player community effectively.

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