Spawn protection is a feature in Minecraft servers designed to protect the world's spawn area from being altered by players. This guide will cover how to configure or disable this protection on your server.

What is Spawn Protection?

Spawn protection creates a radius around the world's spawn point where only operators (server admins) can edit. It's meant to preserve the integrity of the spawn area.

Configuring Spawn Protection

  • Access your server's configuration files. This can be done through the file manager on game panel or via FTP.

  • Locate and open the file.

  • Find the line labeled spawn-protection.

  • Set the value to the desired protection radius in blocks. For example, spawn-protection=10 will protect a 10-block radius around the spawn.

  • If you want to disable spawn protection entirely, set the value to 0.

  • Save your changes and restart the server for them to take effect.

Disabling Spawn Protection

To completely disable spawn protection, set the spawn-protection value in the file to 0 and restart your server.

Tips for Managing Spawn Protection

  • Consider your server type and player base when configuring spawn protection. A larger radius may be necessary for public servers to prevent griefing.

  • Regularly backup your server before making significant changes to the configuration.


Properly configuring or disabling spawn protection is important for maintaining the balance between protecting important areas and allowing freedom for players. By adjusting the spawn-protection setting in the file, you can tailor your server's spawn area to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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