Creating a flat world in Minecraft is ideal for building projects or creative endeavors. This guide will explain how to set up a flat world for your Minecraft server.

Setting Up a Flat World via Server Configuration

To create a flat world, you need to modify the server's world generation settings before starting the server.

Step 1: Access the Game Panel

Log in to your server control panel and stop your server to make changes safely.

Step 2: Modify the Server Properties

  • Find and edit the file in your server's file management area.

  • Locate the line starting with level-type= and change its value to FLAT. It should look like this: level-type=FLAT.

  • If you want to create a new world, change the level-name= to a new name. This action will generate a new world with the specified settings.

Step 3: Restart Your Server

Save the changes and restart your server. A flat world should now be generated based on your settings.

Additional Customization

Minecraft allows further customization of flat worlds through the use of Presets. You can specify layers, structures, and more by editing the preset settings when creating a new world in-game or modifying the level.dat file.


Setting up a flat world in Minecraft is straightforward and can be done through the server's configuration files. It provides a perfect canvas for creative builds and projects on your Minecraft server.

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