Player advancement announcements can sometimes flood the chat in a Minecraft server, especially with many players. This guide will show you how to disable these announcements.

Understanding Player Advancement Announcements

Advancement announcements are broadcast messages that appear in chat whenever a player achieves a new advancement. While they can be a source of pride, in busy servers, they might clutter the chat.

Disabling Advancement Announcements

  • Access your server's game panel and stop your server to edit configurations.

  • Navigate to the 'File Management' section and locate the file.

  • Open the file for editing.

  • Find the line announce-player-achievements or announceAdvancements depending on your server version.

  • Change the value from true to false. It should look like: announce-player-achievements=false or announceAdvancements=false.

  • Save the file and restart your server for the changes to take effect.

Alternative Methods

If the above method does not work for your server version, consider using a custom server plugin or mod that can control these announcements. You can also temporarily disable it through game rules.


Disabling player advancement announcements can help keep your server chat clean and focused. By modifying the file, you can easily manage these announcements on your Minecraft server.

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