The End is a unique dimension in Minecraft that offers players an extra challenge and adventure. This guide will discuss how to enable or disable access to the End on your Minecraft server.

Enabling the End

By default, most Minecraft servers have the End enabled. If it's not enabled on your server, or if you've previously disabled it, here's how to enable it:

  • Access your server's configuration files through the game panel > file manager.

  • Locate the file and open it for editing.

  • Find the line that specifies the level type, which is usually level-type=DEFAULT. Ensure it's set to DEFAULT to allow normal world generation, including the End.

  • Restart your server for the changes to take effect.

Disabling the End

To disable the End, you'll need to prevent players from accessing the End portal. There's no direct setting in the server properties to disable the End, but you can use workarounds:

  • Use a server plugin that allows you to restrict access to the End portal.

  • Manually remove or alter the End portal frames in your server's spawn areas to prevent players from activating the portal.

Disabling & Enabling the End (Non-Vanilla)

Disabling the End on a Bukkit, Spigot or PaperMC server can be achieved through the bukkit.yml configuration file:

  • Open the bukkit.yml file in your server's configuration directory.

  • Locate the settings for the End dimension. You might find a line like allow-end: true.

  • Change this setting to allow-end: false to disable the End or to allow-end: true to enable the End.

  • Save the file and restart your server for the changes to be applied.


  • Remember that disabling the End might affect players who wish to explore all aspects of Minecraft gameplay, including fighting the Ender Dragon and accessing end-game resources.

  • Consider the impact on your server's gameplay and community before enabling or disabling the End.


Whether to enable or disable the End is a significant decision for any Minecraft server administrator. It's important to balance the desires and expectations of your player community with the type of gameplay experience you wish to provide on your server.

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