Colour codes in Minecraft allow you to add color and effects to in-game text, such as server MOTD, signs, chat, and more. Here's how you can use these codes on your server.

Creating the '§' Symbol

To use color codes, you need to type the '§' symbol followed by the code. Here's how to make the '§' symbol:

  • Turn on NumLock on your keyboard.
  • Hold down the ALT key.
  • Type "21" on the numeric keypad.
  • Release the ALT key, and the '§' symbol should appear.

Minecraft Colour Codes

Here are the color codes you can use in Minecraft:

Colour Code
Black §0
Dark Blue §1
Dark Green §2
Dark Aqua §3
Dark Red §4
Dark Purple §5
Gold §6
Gray §7
Dark Gray §8
Blue §9
Green §a
Aqua §b
Red §c
Light Purple §d
Yellow §e
White §f

Using Colour Codes

To use these codes, simply type the '§' symbol followed by the relevant code before your text. For example, to write "Hello" in red, you would type '§cHello'.


Colour codes are a fun way to add personality and emphasis to your Minecraft server's text. Remember, these codes can be used in various places like server MOTD, signs, and chat messages to enhance your and your players' experience.

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