Using a custom world seed in Minecraft allows you to generate a specific kind of world. This guide will walk you through setting a custom seed for your Minecraft server using the Game Panel.

What is a World Seed?

A world seed is a string of numbers and letters that Minecraft uses to generate a world. Each seed creates a unique world layout including biomes, structures, and spawn points.

Setting a Custom World Seed via Game Panel

Step 1: Access Your Server

  • Log in to the Game Panel and select the Minecraft server you wish to modify.

Step 2: Stop Your Server

  • It’s important to stop your server before changing any settings to prevent corruption or errors. Use the control options in the panel to stop the server.

Step 3: Locate Server Properties

  • In the Game Panel, navigate to the 'File Management' section.

  • Find and open the file for editing.

Step 4: Set the World Seed

  • In the file, look for a line that says level-seed=.

  • Enter your desired seed next to level-seed=. For example, level-seed=123456789.

  • If you want to generate a new world with this seed, change the level-name= to a new name. This will create a new world folder with the specified seed.

  • Save your changes.

Step 5: Restart Your Server

  • After setting the seed and saving the file, restart your server to apply the changes.


Setting a custom world seed on your Minecraft server can create a unique and tailored experience for players. By following these steps in the Game Panel, you can easily configure your server to generate the specific world you desire.

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