Setting up a world border in Minecraft is useful for limiting the size of the world that players can explore. This guide will explain how to establish a world border using the Game Panel.

What is a World Border?

A world border defines the area in which players can move around. Outside this border, players cannot build, mine, or explore. It’s a great tool for focusing gameplay in specific areas and preventing the world from becoming too large.

Setting Up a World Border via Game Panel

Step 1: Access Your Server on the Game Panel

  • Log in to the Game Panel and select the Minecraft server you want to modify.

Step 2: Open the Console

  • In the Game Panel, navigate to the 'Console' section of your server.

Step 3: Set the World Border Size

  • Use the command /worldborder set [size] in the console, replacing [size] with the desired radius in blocks for your world border. For example, /worldborder set 5000 will create a border with a radius of 5000 blocks.

Step 4: Centering the Border (Optional)

  • If you want to center the border at a specific location, use the command /worldborder center [x] [z], replacing [x] and [z] with the coordinates of the center point.

Step 5: Confirm the Border

  • Once set, you can confirm the border by joining your server and moving towards the edge of the defined border.

Additional World Border Commands

  • To gradually resize the border over time, use /worldborder set [size] [seconds].

  • To check the current border size, use /worldborder get.


Setting up a world border is an effective way to manage the size of your Minecraft server's world. By using these commands in the Game Panel, you can easily customize the play area to suit your server's needs.

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