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Affiliate Program (Earn Real Money!) Our Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity for you to make money by sharing Cubes... Cancel Automatic Payments (PayPal) To cancel your automatic payments, please follow these instructions. Depending on if you have a... Create Sub-Account For My Cubes It is possible to create a sub-account for the client area to give someone else access to perform... How do the payment terms work? Minecraft With the Minecraft SDS and HDD hosting you pay per period, after this period you will... How to Cancel Your Services It is unfortunate that you wish to cancel your service with us. If there were any issues with... How to Update Your Account Information At Cubes Hosting, we keep some of your personal information on file so that we can contact you... How to pay with Bancontact? This Payment Methode only available in Belgium. Due to transaction costs you will be required to... How to pay with Sofort? This Payment Methode only available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and... How to pay with iDEAL? This Payment Methode only available in The Netherlands. Due to transaction costs you will be... I haven't recieved an activation mail! What now? It is possible that the e-mail has some delay, but you usually receive the activation e-mail... I received a letter from a collection agency. Now what?   When the payment term of an invoice has expired, we will send multiple reminders by... Is my server directly online? Your server will be created immediately Once the payment has been received, our system... Student Discount Cubes Hosting values the hard work of students. Students should not rely on flimsy servers with... What are servers? Servers are computers. They are powerful computers that run websites or game servers via a fast... What does "Pending" mean on my service? "Pending" can mean various things on your order. If your order remains as "Pending" for over ten... What is a domain name? A domain name is a unique address on the internet. This works about the same as the address of a... What is an IP address? IP in IP address stands for Internet Protocol. It is a technique that is used to let computers in...
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