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Minecraft Geyser

How does it work?

Geyser acts as a translator which sits between the Bedrock client and the Java server. It takes data from the Bedrock client and translates it into a format the Java server understands and vice versa. Geyser works with any modern Minecraft version and will be pre-installed as plugin.

A full set of features & options

From Vanilla to Factions, UHC, Prison or even Modded Servers, we've got you covered with our powerful, reliable and affordable Minecraft Hosting plans.

Easy Installation

Looking to deploy a Vanilla, Pocketmine or even a Nukkit server? With our library of over 5 server jars, you are able to install it in a matter of seconds.


Is your player base expanding quickly? You’re able to upgrade your server instantly at any time without moving your files.

Fast Hardware

Ensuring optimal performance we use the highly efficient Intel Xeon processors with a modern NVMe SSD storage space.

Geyser Support

Use Geyser as a bridge between your Java Server & Bedrock Server so you can have both Java Players & Bedrock players join your server.

Unlimited Players

Need additional player slots? We offer unlimited slots for all of our Minecraft servers at no cost to support all player bases small or large.

DDoS Protection

Our advanced firewall protects you and your services against the most basic and robust attacks at any point of time.

MySQL Database

We don’t limit the amount of databases, we provide you with as many MySQL databases as you might need by contacting our support team.


Never use a long digit unmemorable & boring IP again, we offer you the ability to create unlimited & free subdomains.

WISP Admin in Cubes Hosting theme

Interactive & powerful server management

We believe that hosting should be simple, great and easy to use. Meet WISP the next generation server manager.

  • Full SFTP Access
  • File Manager & Text Editor
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Remote API Access
  • Mod Manager
  • Console & Power Actions
  • Resource Usage Report
  • Subuser Accounts
  • Database Manager
  • Version Control

Here at Cubes Hosting we use advanced & modern hardware including Intel Xeon grade processors and latest generation Intel SSD drives. Enjoy a reliable and consistent performance every time.

You can find more information in our Network Centre.

We offer separate Minecraft Java packages on our Minecraft Hosting page.

Offcource! We have a 48-hours money-back policy on all our Minecraft Hosting Plans. Whenever you are not completely satisfied with our plan or service. You can find more information in our Refund Policy.

We will pre-install the latest version of vanilla minecraft (java) with the geyser software pre-installed.

Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive login details for the WISP panel inside one of the e-mail we will send you, if you have not received an e-mail in under 30 minutes please contact us. You will receive full access over your Minecraft server that utilizes containerization technologies along with our in-house tooling to provision scalable, reliable and performant servers.

With us you are never tied to a contract and every payment is done manually, we never automatically deduct money from your account. Choose the payment period yourself; per month, quarter, half year or per year.

You can cancel whenever you want, via My Cubes.

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