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This TOS, short for Terms of Service, are an agreement between Cubes Hosting, (“Cubes.host”, “Cubes Hosting, “us”, “we”, “our”, “the company”, “the host”, “Cubes”) and you the Client, (“Customer”, “user”, “you”, “your”, “client”, “customer”). In this agreement you can find the general terms and conditions that go along with the use of our services. By using our services you acknowledge being bound to the agreement, all applicable laws and regulations. When you decide to not agree with our Terms, you are not authorized to use our products and services.

We reserve rights to edit or modify the sections, partially or completely at any time. When the changes are posted on this page they are effective for both existing and new customers of the company with or without notice of any changes.


We reserve the full right to terminate your account, with or without advance notice. Your account and services or products will be removed without refund once you are found to violate our Terms Of Service or Privacy Policy.

  • You have to be thirteen (13) years of age in order to be eligible to access our products and services, any registration or use of your services under the age of thirteen (13) without prior consent from a parent will end up in account termination.
  • You are responsible to provide accurate, current, and complete information to us. When we need to open contact with you we will contact you via your primary email address associated with your account trough support tickets.
We do not take responsibility if your information is invalid or aged, you are responsible to keep this data accurate and valid. When providing false information we will terminate your account, with or without notice. In some instances you may be required to provide government issued identification and possibly a copy or scan of the bank statement of the credit card used for verification purposes. Failure to provide the requested information may end up in an order being denied or cancelled.

Payments, Orders and Services

We reserve all rights to suspend, terminate or deny access to any products with or without a stated reason, with or without notice.

  • When data loss occurs we are not found responsible for the loss.
  • Files from terminated server can not be recovered.
  • All services and products you order from Cubes.host will not be activated until payment is received and/or your account information is not validated yet.
  • Payment verification happens automatically but when there is suspicion for any reason given or not given, this might need manual verification. This can take longer than twenty-four (24) hours, in the time of verification we might seek contact with you, the client.
  • Free services may not always be activated from the date of ordering, because of resource limitations, we always put paid orders in front of free trial services.
  • The usage of our services means that you are renting a license and you are renting the product/service, the resources remain property of Cubes.
  • All services/products are still subject to software limitations and physical hardware limits. We reserve the right to also deny or cancel any order with or without a give reason. Invoices for products and or services will be generated a week or fourteen (14) days before the product services due date.
We expect the client to pay the price within given deadlines, otherwise the service will be suspended after one (1) day, the invoice will remain valid for six (6) more days after these days the suspended service will be terminated and all files will be removed. If you do not want to pay for your service next biling cycle make sure to cancel your service.


When using Cubes Hosting you agree with our Refund Policy.

Service Level Agreement

When using Cubes Hosting you agree with our Service Level Agreement.

Cancelling services

Whenever you want to cancel your service you can do this inside My Cubes Hosting. Your service will be active until it reaches the deadline. We will then cancel and terminate the service, you are found responsible for saving your own files. Cubes will continue sending invoices and charging your acount (if enabled) untill the service has been cancelled. Do not forget to cancel your PayPal subscription (if enabled).

Website and Pricing

  • We reserve the right to edit our website at any given time.
  • We reserve the right to edit our pricing at any given time.
Whenever a price change occurs you are free to cancel your service and leave Cubes Hosting, we will not request more money for an already active or paid service until next billing cycle. We do not have to notify customers if the price change is less then 10% of the original price of the service.


Under no circumstance we find responsibility for damages to a service or product. Including but not limited to downtime or data loss caused through the use of our products and services. Our maximum combined liability to a client for any service shall be one hundred percent (100%) of the product and or service fee(s) for that specific month.

We are under no circumstances responsible and or liable for what you choose to host on your products and services. This is all up to you, you comply with these terms and you are expected to everything within these terms and whenever you are found to break these terms we will terminate your account with-or-without any further notice.

Server Abuse

Very high CPU usage, excessively large files such as Backups and the use of scripts plugins, storing personal files on our servers, storing files from other services, unlicensed stolen resources from ex. BlackSpigot or any kind of source like it. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to services and the circumventing of RAM/CPU restricions. Using your service to host non-specific (Minecraft Service on Minecraft plans & Hytale on Hytale plans) based services is not allowed, neither is the use of Botnet scripts or any similar scripts allowed. Violations of any of these given terms ends up in service termination.

Prohibited Content

Under no circumstance shall our services be used for sharing, storing prohibited content under Dutch Law, European Law and the Law of the location your service is hosted in. You also agree to oblige by the Terms of Services by the service you are using listed below.

You also agree not to host content related to Adult Material, Crypto Mining or Trading, Gambling, Trading Bots, VPN's, Pirated content and other material that we deem inappropriate.

We maintain the right to suspend, terminate or file a police report in the event that we discover such content. With our without notice.


Game Hosting

If you want backups space on our Game Hosting and Discord Bot Plans we offer paid product-addons. These backups are stored inside a Data Vault on the service. All of our game services have 2GB backup space for free.

Discord Bot Hosting

If you want backups space on our Game Hosting and Discord Bot Plans we offer paid product-addons. These backups are stored inside a Data Vault on the service. All of our discord bot services have 500mb backup space for free.

Web Hosting

Creating backups of your website inside our Directadmin Panel is allowed. Any backups created will use storage from your service plan. Additional storage is not available.

We do not restrict you from making your own backups by downloading all files to your local device using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Yet we restrict the usage of backup scripts/plugins that create backups on our Game and Discord Bot Services.

Third Party Agreements

By making use of our services or domain registry you must comply to the HETZNER Terms And Conditions.

Minecraft Hosting

By using any Minecraft-related service, including but not limited to Cubes Minecraft server hosting, you agree to the Minecraft EULA (End User License Agreement) and any related or additional agreements, terms, and/or conditions specified as provided by Mojang AB.

Five Reborn Hosting

By using any Five Reborn related service, including but not limited to Cubes Five Reborn (FiveM) server hosting or a VPS, you agree to the FiveM Service Agreement and any related or additional agreements, terms, and/or conditions specified as provided by FiveM as Five Reborn, CFX.re and ZAP-Hosting GmbH & Co. KG.

Web Hosting

By using any Web Hosting-related service, including but not limited to Cubes Web Hosting hosting, you agree to the Directadmin TOS (Terms Of Service) and any related or additional agreements, terms, and/or conditions specified as provided by Directadmin.


By registering or transfering any Domain Names, including but not limited to Cubes Domain Registry, you agree to the OXXA.com TOS (Terms Of Service) and any related or additional agreements, terms, and/or conditions specified as provided by OXXA.

Discord Bot Hosting

By using any Discord-related service, including but not limited to Cubes Discord Bot hosting, you agree to the Discord TOS (Terms Of Service) and any related or additional agreements, terms, and/or conditions specified as provided by Discord.


Our support team is available during office hours. We try to offer reliable and up to date support, but we recommend checking our knowledge base first. We are not capable of offering constant support, so there will be periods of waiting before we can offer support to you. We are also not obligated to offer support on our in a private chat or via private user accounts.

Fair Usage

This “Fair Usage Agreement” says what you can and can not do with our services. Not complying will result in account termination with-or-without any notice. The usage of a Discord Bot service will only allow you to run two (2) Discord Bot per service. When you are found to be running different types of services on these services your account will immediately be terminated. With or without notice. The usage of scripts on Game services is also strictly prohibited. Scripts that attempt to damage our servers and/or other services will end up in immediate account termination with-or-without notice. If damage has been done to the service(s) you will be held responsible for the damage and we will have you pay the damage(s) done to our services. If you are not willing to pay for the damage done further legal actions will be taken. The hosting of phishing and scamming websites, or the distribution of websites or hosting files that may contain adult content is strictly prohibited and will end up in immediate account termination with-or-without notice. Any site with the intention to steal or abuse a visitors data will be terminated, we are not held responsible for any data-breaches on your service what so ever.