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More and more people are starting their Minecraft server after the example of popular YouTubers and Minecraft networks. Creating a server is usually not that difficult, it's a different story. In this tutorial/blog I give tips for a good server and I talk about common mistakes.


Quality over quantity

An entire server network may be fun, but remember that you must maintain every game and that when you have 20 players your player base will split into 2.


When will I start my network?

First of all you have to make sure that your main server is fast and stable, if you are a 60-year-old man, if you have around 60 people online every day, you would still have 30 people per game mode with two game modes, this does here to a back of four man in a game fashion. Start a smaller mini-game outside your game mode and see what your players think of it. At that moment that the game modes are nice to go again you could add one of two game modes.


How do I get players to my server?

An easy way to find out is of course by advertising. You can do this by registering server on server lists such as PlanetMinecraft.com. On this site you can boost every day, you have a while ago that you have already met something on the server, see new players and that people are already online and get to your server earlier. Another way is to advertise on YouTube or find another YouTuber that you want to make a video, you don't have a large network yourself and you have made good videos, but you do get players.


What should you not do?

Do not spam the chat of other servers. It will bring a lot of hate and the players that even join will start bothering your players as a payback.

How do I ensure that those players return to my server?

Make sure that all rewards with a lot of playing time ensure that people get a little extra net if they play more. You are then free to do on the server and you get free stuff by playing. Try to get your server some minor updates, every time the spawn changes completely, players may find it annoying.


What about plugins?

A unique server with some plugins naturally makes the server a lot more fun. However, plugins cost a lot of power for your server, especially if they give errors. If we make servers ourselves at Cubes Hosting, you will no longer see 10 plugins in it. As the main plugin such as Factions, add Essentials along with a group manager Plugin such as PermissionsEX and you already have a reasonable server. Also, do not just see plugins but first see if they really add something to your server and also if they do not give errors, a server full of errors is a lot slower and you have no overview at all in your console. There are different plugins made in these plugins.


How do I find which plugins give errors?

A plugin always has a kind of id, this is usually a reverse domain name with the project name included. For example, if we made a plugin with the name tutorials at Koopjeserver.nl, it would certainly have nl.koopjeserver.tutorials as its id. The errors often contain the id of the plugin somewhere in the first lines. Even better is of course to install a new plugin or to create it yourself.

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