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  • Spigot, 1.14
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Minecraft 1.14.2 is available! On this page, we will report all our tips and questions.



Very CPU intensive
Our test server uses more CPU as a full modded server while flying in creative mode during the world generation.

We recommend a minimum of 2GB SSD because the server jar seems to be a lot heavier.

The Spigot updates are actively monitored to deliver better performance as quickly as possible.


Upgrading from 1.13 to 1.14

If you want to update an existing world to 1.14, additional measures are needed. A change of version will make your world corrupt.



Always ensure that you only install plugins that state that they already work before 1.14. Most plugins seem to be able to update their code to 1.14+ without too many changes


Fix the lag

During testing, restarting after a first server start sometimes had very positive consequences. This is therefore always recommended.


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