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How to change file permissions in plesk? Print

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You may need to adjust the read or write permissions of a folder or file. For example, on a Windows server it is standard not possible to write outside the httpdocs folder, while a CMS (such as WordPress) sometimes needs it.

If you want to change permissions, you can arrange this yourself via Plesk by following the steps below.

  • Log in to My Cubes Hosting.
  • Click on My services .
  • Click on the root-domain you want to manage.
  • Click on Manage web hosting and open Plesk.
  • Click on Files .
  • Click on the drop-down menu behind the folder or file whose rights you want to change.
  • Choose Adjust rights .
  • Click on Applications group in the left overview .
  • Adjust the rights as desired in the right overview.
  • Click Apply to save the changes.

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