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How can I create a backup of my website? Print

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You can easily backup your hosting package via Plesk. Read below how to do this and what the possibilities are.

  • Log in to My Cubes Hosting.
  • Click on My services .
  • Click on the root-domain you want to manage.
  • Click Manage web hosting .
  • Click Open Plesk .
  • At the top right, click Manage backups .


If you want to update or adjust your website, it is wise to first make a backup of your website. You can then easily restore your website if something goes wrong.

  • Click Backups .
  • Remove the check mark from Mail settings and data .
  • Under Type, select Full .
  • Select the Exclude log files option .
  • Click on OK .

The server will now make a copy of the data that is on your domain. Keep in mind that the backup takes longer the more data you have on your domain.


If you do not need a backup immediately, you can also have it made automatically. Plesk will then make a copy of the data on your hosting package every night. Keep in mind that Plesk removes the automatic backup from the day before and therefore only one automatic backup is saved.

  • In Plesk, go to Manage backups .
  • Click Schedule .
  • Select the option Activate this scheduled backup .
  • Select the Exclude log files option .
  • Click on OK .

After going through the above steps, our server makes a copy of the data on your hosting package every night. It is not possible to influence this by adjusting the other settings.


Backups made via Plesk are stored on your hosting package by default. You may keep one backup in this way, but we recommend downloading it to your own computer and then removing it from your hosting package via Plesk. This way you always have a backup available at a different location and it does not take up unnecessary space on your hosting package.

  • In Plesk, go to Manage backups .
  • Click on the backup (date and time) you want to download.
  • Click Download at the green arrow.
  • Uncheck Use password protection .
  • Click on OK .

The server immediately starts preparing the download. Keep in mind that the longer you have more data on your domain. Your internet browser will automatically notify you when you can download the backup.

Have you saved the backup on your computer? Then delete the backup of your hosting package by following the steps below.

  • In Plesk, go to Manage backups .
  • Select the backup you want to delete.
  • Click on Delete .

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