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How can I protect folders within my webhosting package? Print

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If you have folders in a site that should only be seen by authorized users, restrict access to these folders by password protecting them. Protect a folder of your site with a password and enter authorized users:

  • Go to Websites & Domains and find the domain name of the website.
  • Click Protected Folders, and Add Protected Folder.
  • In the Folder name field, enter the search path to the folder that you want to protect with a password.

This can be any folder in the site, for example: / secured. If the folder you want to protect has not yet been created, enter the search path and the name of the folder - Plesk will create it for you.

  • In the Title of the protected environment field, enter a description of the information you are protecting or a welcome message that visitors will see when they visit the protected environment.
  • Click on OK. The folder you specified is now protected.

  • To add authorized users, click on the folder name / protected and then on Add user.
  • Specify the username and password that will be used to access the protected environment. The password must contain between 5 and 14 characters. Click on OK.

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