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How do I set a DKIM Record for my email? Print

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Nowadays, we see more and more cases of email spoofing, where a spam email is sent whose sender address has changed to make it look like a legitimate email. By activating a DKIM record you add a digital signature to the source code of your e-mail so that a receiving mail server can check whether the e-mail has actually been sent from a legitimate mail server.

Do you want to add a DKIM record? Then follow the steps below.

  • Log in to My Cubes Hosting.
  • Click on My services .
  • Click on the root-domain you want to manage.
  • Click the Manage Web Hosting tab
  • Click the Open Plesk button
  • Click Mail on the left side of the screen
  • Then click the Mail Settings tab and click the domain name for which you want to activate DKIM
  • Check the option ' Protect against spam by signing outgoing messages with the DKIM system ' and click 'Ok' .

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