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How can I forward my emails? Print

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  1. Go to  Mail  >  email address  > Forwarding tab  .
  2. Select the  Enable Email Forwarding check box .
  3. Specify one or more email addresses to which email should be forwarded. If you specify more addresses, you can separate them with a space, comma or semicolon, or you can enter each address on a separate line.
  4. Click on  OK .
  5. If you do not want to keep a copy of forwarded messages in the mailbox, go to  Mail  >  e-mail address  and make sure the  Inbox checkbox is  not selected. Click on  OK .

To disable email forwarding:

  1. Go to  Mail  >  email address  > Forwarding tab  .
  2. Make sure the  Enable Email Forwarding check box  is cleared and click  OK.

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