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How can I setup an email autoresponder? Print

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To set the auto-reply email settings:

  1. Go to Mail > email address > Auto Reply tab .
  2. Select the Activate auto answer check box and specify the following settings:
    • Subject of automatic reply .
    • Message format . We recommend that you leave the Plain Text option selected because the recipients of your message may not be able to see HTML formatted text.
    • Character set . We recommend that you leave the UTF-8 character set selected to ensure that the letters in your message are displayed correctly.
    • Message text .
    • Forward to . If you want to forward incoming messages to another email address, enter that email address here.
    • Send an automatic reply to unique e-mail addresses no more than (the specified number of times per day). The default value is “once a day”. This means that if your mailbox receives multiple messages from the same email address in one day, Plesk will only send an automatic reply on the first message. If the value “2” is specified, Plesk sends an automatic reply in response to the first and second messages, and so on.
    • Attachments . To add an attachment to your message, click Browse and select a file.
    • Disable auto reply on (the specified date). Select this check box if you want the automatic reply to no longer be sent after a specific date, for example the date you return from vacation.
  3. Click on OK .

Disable automatic replies:

Make sure that the Activate auto answer option is not selected and click OK.

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