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How can I transfer my email from another provider? Print

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If you move to us, you can bring standing email with your old provider. You can copy this to our server with a functionality of your hosting package with us. Follow the step-by-step plan below.

  • Log in to My Cubes Hosting.
  • Click on My services .
  • Click on the root-domain you want to manage.
  • Click the Manage Web Hosting tab .
  • Click Open Plesk .

Before you start copying email, it is important that you first create an email account. Therefore, also read how to create an email account .

After creating an e-mail account you can copy e-mail to it using the explanation below. Keep the e-mail settings of your old provider at hand.

  • Click Import Mail .
  • Click Import Mail Messages .
  • Click Show advanced options .

In the overview that you now see, you must enter the email settings of your old provider (source), because our server needs this to retrieve your email. Are you not aware of this information? Request this from your old provider. At Import to select the e-mail account where the messages should be put.


After entering all the details, click OK to start copying messages. Keep in mind that this may take some time. The more messages to be copied, the longer the server is busy.

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